CrossFit Skybox is more than just a gym.  We are a community of diverse people, and one of strength, support, and education.  Our coaches are committed to giving our clients the highest level of training possible. 

We know life can be hectic and scheduling time to train can be difficult.  That is why Crossfit Skybox is excited to be the first in our area to offer our members access to our facility
24 hours a day*.   Our state of the art facility includes a dedicated CrossFit room, yoga/cardio room, and a dedicated strength room.  There are always areas available anytime throughout the day for members to enjoy at their leisure.  Bro sessions anytime....No more waiting for open gym hours!  



  • CrossFit Group Classes 

We now have an expanded schedule and members can find a class for them morning and evening, 7 days a week!  Our group classes are a high intensity workout consisting of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, and gymnastics combined to form a diverse, all inclusive training program.  While our program is designed to challenge top athletes, every workout and movement is infinitely scalable to any fitness level.  Our members consist of young and old, elite and beginners, athletes and recreational members. 

  • Fundamentals 

Fundamentals class is the first step to joining group classes.  In Fundamentals we focus on the safety, mechanics, consistency and gradual increase of intensity that is required for group classes.  See "How to Join" for the next session.


  • Olympic Weightlifting 

SKYBOX BARBELL - We are now an official USAW sanctioned barbell club.  We have an amazing strength room generously outfitted with Rogue and Pendlay bars, racks, weights, and platforms.   This room is open for all members to enjoy any time of day.  Complete your strength session before or after your CrossFit class, or come in to work on accessory movements.  









*Subject to safety and knowledge testing, and must be approved by Head Coach.  Must be a current member.  Access hours are restricted between 12:00am - 4:00am for ALL MEMBERS



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